Best tree and plant care Apps for Smartphone users

Numerous individuals are passionate about gardening and consider it more than just a hobby. Its remedial, recreational and a healthy pastime. The recent emergence of smart phones and apps have lent a new meaning to gardening as all the required knowledge about garden care is just a finger touch away. In this AppGuide, we analyse applications that will make your garden significantly more delightful.

Garden Plan Pro – In case you seek an abundant garden, you don’t need to look beyond Garden Plan Pro. The application is somewhat costly, however the cost is totally justified, given its usability. A huge plant database and timetable will offer you assistance with identifying what you might want to plant and when to plant it.

Garden Compass – At the point when get ready to begin a greenery enclosure, it is vital to comprehend what you are planting. In the event that you are not certain, you can just take a photograph of a plant and Garden Compass will let you know what it is. You can also share photographs over prominent social platforms such as Facebook.

Talking2Trees – Trees are an important component of the gardenscape. In case you are dealing with a large, urban tree canopy and are looking for tips for tree pruning in Melbourne, this app is ideal for you. This application is a basic and simple to-use portable tree guide and to-do application for iPhone and Android. It’s useful for both experts and amateur garden lovers.

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