Top 5 Android & iOS Apps for Job Seekers for Successful Career

With the emphasis in every sphere of life being connected “on the go”, can job seekers be far behind. The proliferation of Internet enabled devices such as smart phones and tablets have done away with traditional methods – going through advertisements for jobs in the print media and applying through post. Today, relevant sites are browsed online, applications are uploaded quickly and even interviews are being held through video conferencing. Naturally, to cater to this growing segment app developers have structured very useful apps for job seekers based on different operating platforms.

Here are the top 5 apps for job seekers on Android and Ios.


  • LinkedIn – Take the social media route for job hunting with LinkedIn. It is an app for business professionals and acts as a strong link between potential employers and recruiters and job seekers. By increasing your social value and worth here you stand to capture the attention of serious employers.
  • Monster Job Search – This app has been one of those that had been first off the block when online job search apps were slowly gaining prominence. Employers post their requirements here and job seekers can instantly post their CVs and apply for jobs that match their needs, simply with a few simple taps on the screen.
  • ResumeBear – In the digital environment of today, it is very difficult for job seekers to know if their resume has been at all seen by recruiters. This app is very useful in such circumstances as it sends a notification to the user as soon as their resume is opened and seen. Follow-up with the recruiters can be initiated soon after.


  • JobFinder – This is a very useful user friendly app. Once you upload your job requirements, the app will search the Internet to find the latest ones that exactly match your needs. It basically does all the work for you.
  • CareerBuilder – You want a new job quickly and easily? CareerBuilder will do everything for you. It will automatically determine your location and search for jobs based on keywords supplied by you. Labour hire companies post their requirements here too and this means that you get the exact matches that you prefer.

These apps have made life that much easy for job seekers. No more waiting indefinitely to know if your resume has indeed reached the recruiters. Be ready on the go for a stream of job offers!

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