Video Games | Inspired From the Real Action

Why are video games so popular and for some a passion more serious than love? It is because they transport you to a world of make believe which you wish was true and could be for real in your life. This is one reason why video games are available in so many forms each dedicated and catering to a particular sphere of interest, all denoting some virtual true action.

The most common video games are those for speed buffs. People – and this is not limited to kids only – who dream of being at the wheel of a Formula 1 racing car but know that they can never be there get their thrills from video games, zipping around tracks that are as near to reality as possible. Everything can be controlled, from the sound of meshing of gears to change in engine noise at high or low revs. Bike races are absolutely amazing and it is often seen that players involuntarily lean left or right with turns on roads. So overwhelming are the games that for the brief period that you are at the controls of a mean machine in front of a monitor, you forget the world around you.

To make the games more authentic, those who structure them are leaving more and more variables in the hands of players to make it more exciting. Take the case of games that replicate scenarios that are usually faced by fire fighters in actual life and have now become an integral part of their training courses. These video games are as useful for training fresh recruits as real life fire simulators that are used by hardened veteran instructors to take them through their paces.

However, it is not only racing games or war games or something similar that rule the virtual world of video games. There are ones that mirror other real life situations that are quite relevant. Did you know that there are cleaning games for girls where they can be taught the ways and means to keep their domestic settings clean and tidy? To the children it is all fun and frolic but its broader implications will only sink in when they grow up and face similar situations. Video games would have prepared them to face challenges in life.

While video games can be adversely addictive, they do play an important part in our lives.

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