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As technology rallies on, the scope of industries influenced by the Internet continues to expand. It’s a well known fact the Internet has changed the way we do numerous things and these shifts are well illustrated by the gaming industry. On a worldwide premise, web gaming or iGaming as it has been called, has developed into a multi-billion dollar business, especially in Australia.

Igreplus is an informative blog site about games and things serious gamers are concerned about. The articles and blogs present here are not only informative but entertaining as well. Gaming enthusiasts will find all the information related to the latest games or upgrades in the previous online games on Igreplus.

Online gaming is not an unknown phenomenon, inspite of the fact that the current version came into existence only after with the exponential boom of the Internet and the advancement of computers.

In the past web gaming used to mostly draw in the youth. Nevertheless that demographic has extended to incorporate both women and elderly individuals. In the last decade we have witnessed a considerable increase in the number of women users who have joined the world of online gaming. Even gaming companies are increasingly catering to the growing demand of online gaming among the female section of users.