Best Salon Booking Apps for You

Booking a salon appointment on the go can be a vexing experience, particularly when there’s an unpleasant receptionist receiving your call. In such scenarios, our usual reaction is to disconnect to avoid any awkward situation. However, the things can get worse in case there is no current alternate solution to your usual spa.

The good news is that there are beauty apps and sites to take the tension out of scheduling salon appointments. Regardless of your beauty needs, the power of confirmation lies at the tip of your fingers now. You no longer need to worry in case you require an emergency wax or haircut — these proven beauty service apps have got you covered. Read on to know how these simple and useful search tools can be of immense benefit.

Glamazon is one of the most popular beauty apps as it provides users with an easy alternative to making both, beauty and fitness appointments. Schedule in advance or pick up called off meetings from renowned salons such as Edwards and Co and The Nail Lab, which have been meticulously screened and picked for you. Users also have the opportunity to avail great discounts with their VIP pricing for emergency bookings. The latest GlamFit upgrade enables you to schedule one-off yoga, personal coaching, boxing and even massage sessions on the move.

Dial A Style – We all know that having salon services at your fingertips feels great. Now give a thought to the concept of availing beauty services in the comfort of your home sitting on your couch. Dial A Style brings the salon to your home. Using this app you can have a stylist at your doorstep in less than two hours making it a perfect tool for beauty emergencies. Dial A Style allows you access to various reputable salon and certified professionals that offer services including hair, makeup, beauty, tanning and even massage. These experts carry all the essential devices and equipment such as ipl laser machines for sale with them to provide you with the desired beauty treatment at your home.

StyleSeat has been one of the most preferred applications for some time how as it has acquainted us with some gifted new beauticians, cosmetics craftsmen and manicurists. It doesn’t take too long to get fascinated looking through photograph arrangement of their work, perusing the complete service specifications, customer testimonials and exploring other incredible offers.

However, what actually sets StyleSeat apart from other apps is that it enables the beauty specialist to better handle dates.  You can get in touch with the professionals by calling or texting directly using the app, and even have them reschedule your appointment if required.

The above-mentioned applications will ensure that you can avoid any awkward phone calls to salons. In fact calling for salon appointments would soon be a thing of past.

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