Some of the Helpful Apps for Immigrants

Immigrants, especially the illegal and undocumented ones are a blighted lot. Strangers in a foreign land, they are neither wanted in their home countries or in where they head too. However, immigrants who come in legally for studies or for work often contribute heavily to the country’s work force. Students with specialised skill sets stay behind after completing their education and take up jobs in their specific fields of expertise.

As in other countries, students to Canada also apply for permanent residence in Canada after finishing their courses. However, this is easier said than done. The formalities for getting permanent residency are complex and it is always advisable to take the help and guidance of reputed immigration lawyers in Canada for this purpose.

In this digital world and open Web environment, mobile apps have helped immigrants in a great many ways. These apps are need based and each caters to separate requirements of immigrants. Some of those that have made a mark and very useful are listed here –

Mobilearn – This app is exclusively for immigrants to Sweden and addresses the four main concerns as laid down by UNHCR – employment, housing, language and education. Comprehensive information is provided round the clock. It includes rules of the new society that they are in and helps them to map both their hard and soft skills. It informs immigrants of Govt as well as private housing markets and suggests accommodation in keeping with his/her skill levels. There is also information on regular and suitable job offers.

Derechos Herencia’ App – This is an Android app available in both Spanish and English. It explains in details the rights of immigrants. The app was designed by Dyvid Morales who had firsthand experience of the plight of immigrants when he was detained by the U.S Border Patrol. He realized then that other people detained with him hardly knew of their rights in the given circumstances. . “That’s when I knew something had to be done,” Morales said.

“I’m Getting Arrested” App – Clichéd as the name of the app might sound, it is a very useful app for undocumented immigrants and is available on both iPhones and Android platforms. It sends out a message to friends, families, local consulates and even attorneys that an arrest is imminent. Most importantly, the geo location of the arrest is simultaneously transmitted along with message. This app was developed by two Arizona based immigrant rights organizations Respecto-Respecto and Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform (AEIR).

Immigration FAQs – It costs $2.99 but it’s true worth works out to much more. It can be run on iPhone and iPad only and simplifies complex immigration laws for the common man. Immigrants can easily figure out which visas to apply for and also details like due dates for different visa applications.

These are some of the apps that immigrants may find useful but there are hundreds of others too each with its own specific utility. To round off, there is even one app that informs immigrants of the current wait times at Mexico and Canada borders. It cannot get more helpful than this.

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