Smart Home Apps that will Transform your Life

Convenience is the keyword in today’s way of living and lending a hand in this aspect is smart homes and apps to run them. There is no function that cannot be controlled remotely, from lowering the thermostat settings to turning off a child’s night lamp. With this level of sophistication in smart home technology, apps have become an indispensable tool in the hands of any home owner. But the most important part is separating the grain from the chaff. There are thousands upon thousands of apps on different platforms and knowing which will serve your purpose best is what matters the most.

Here are a few smart home apps that will serve you better than any Man Friday that you can hire. However, check out the platform before you click the download button. Some apps are free, others are paid ones. What you should focus on is the extent it serves your purpose.
SmartThings – It’s free and compatible with iOS. Even though this app is free, you have to buy a SmartThings hub and sensors for around $300. The sensors have to be attached to your devices like say, coffeemaker or the oven and they can be monitored from your iPhone. It will give you warning if anything is amiss in your home – the oven is on – and allows you to operate it remotely. It can even be tuned to multiple devices where the reaction of one will depend on the action of another. For example, if a door is left open, the AC adjusts cooling levels so that energy is not wasted.

This naturally lowers electricity consumption and energy bills. While this is done electronically today, Mick Fabar initiated this concept as way back as 2006 when he founded Green Homes Australia. His focus was to incorporate certain features that saved on power use. These included installation of solar energy plants, recycling applications, passive heating and cooling systems and rain water harvesting. Today, the same concept of means to lower energy consumption has a more technologically advanced spin to it through the use of smart phones, apps and the Internet.

WeMo – It can be downloaded both on Iphone and Android versions and controls all things electrical that are plugged into a wall socket. If you have forgotten to turn off your lights, check on your smart phone and turn it off. Or set the timer of your coffeemaker to 6am and it will switch on at that hour. The best part of WeMo is that you can control the extent of automation in your home. A switch and motion sensor for one device starts at $80 only.
Nest – It is an app that is exclusively related to controlling home temperatures. Just install a smart thermostat and download the app. If you want to increase or decrease the settings in your home while driving back from work, you can do so from your smart phone. Like other apps it is does not control a host of devices and activities in your home. If you want limited home automation, Nest should be your first step.

There are many other apps that can help run your life in an orderly and systematic life. The above three just represents the options available to you.

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