Top Rated Beauty Apps for Android and iOS

In this digital era, the smartphones rule the roost. We are heavily dependent on our smartphones for a vast majority of our daily tasks such as making money transactions, arranging business meetings, emailing, texting and shopping. Without a semblance of doubt, we invest more time and energy staring at our mobile screens than in the mirror. What many individuals are unaware of is that smartphones can actually be deployed as cosmetic tutors.

Cosmetics can be exceptionally fun, however, it isn’t simple to know which items are the best for your skin and how to accomplish perfection while doing makeup. Master the art of makeup by learning the required skills with these five applications. Some will help you find new and interesting items while others will provide you information about different beauty procedures such as ipl beauty treatment. Let us get to know in brief what are these IPL beauty treatments? The treatments are done utilising IPL laser machines which use high intensity pulses of visible light to improve the skin imperfections.

These beauty apps equip you with proper knowledge and professional advice, enabling you to make well-informed choices with regard to makeup techniques and cosmetic products. Using these apps you can easily select the most suitable shade for your skin and nails,  attempt new methods and make your makeup life simpler.

There’s nothing more awful in the world of cosmetics than burning through cash on an item just to bring it home and discover it doesn’t suit your requirements. While you’re at the store it can be difficult to peruse reviews and check on the web for a product’s details. That is the thing that Pretty in my Pocket accomplishes for you. You can scan any item and study reviews from trustworthy sites and bloggers. Have a look at products that are currently trending or look for particular brands. You’ll get a reliable and precise review and you can even purchase the item from the app itself.

L’Oreal made Makeup Genius so you can experiment with items before purchasing them. Click your picture and experiment with various things until you locate the correct hues for your skin and hair hues. Filter your face and add items to your look. Utilise a properly pre-defined look or make one all by yourself. On the off chance that you discover something you truly like, get it from the application.

ModiFace is one the most prevalent advanced cosmetics applications for Android, iPhone and Windows that gives you a chance to experiment with various looks. This application has introduced a whole new dimension to virtual makeovers with cutting edge cosmetic hues. This application likewise gives you a chance to attempt on more than 40 distinctive internationally trending hairdos and include extras like shades, studs, gems, and significantly more.

Whether you cherish attempting new things or are new to cosmetics, you’ll find the above-mentioned apps very useful.

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