Video Game Console Maintenance and Repair

Any video game console is a very sensitive piece of electronic equipment and should be handled with care. However, if things do go wrong, it is always advisable to take the set to the company authorised service centre so that original parts and the services of expert technicians can be availed of.

Trying to repair it at home is fraught with risks. Companies are constantly updating their consoles with new technologies and software and unless you are especially working in this field, it is a daunting task to know about the upgrades. Additionally, to carry out repairs there are a number of aspects over which you must have a thorough knowledge. These include main board and component repair and fixing logic boards, professional GPU/CPU repair, circuit diagnosing and micro soldering. All these are highly technical functions and should not be attempted by an amateur or taken as a DIY task.

What you can do of course is ensure that the console is correctly and well maintained so that it has limited and negligible downtime. Here are a few pointers for you.

  • Place your console in a well ventilated place – Put your console away from other electrical units that generate heat. Since hot air is blown out from the back of the console, keep a clearing of at least 6 inches from any obstruction. If necessary contact reputed electricians in Melbourne to install a new outlet exclusively for the console.
  • Have the console lying flat – Place the console lying flat and horizontally instead of standing vertically. Air is sucked inside the console from the side, passes over heat exchangers and is blown out from the back. Keep all sides open to facilitate this circulation.
  • Never place a game console on the ground or on the carpet – The reason for this is simple. As the console heats up, it also heats up the carpet. This vicious cycle can ruin the video console in the long run. Additionally, dust and dirt on the floor will be drawn inside the equipment.
  • Blow out the dust periodically – Dust clogs the vents and reduces free flow of air thereby reducing the longevity of the console. About once a month clean out the console by blowing pressurised air from a can into it. It is the same that you use to clean your keyboard.

Follow these preventive maintenance tips and have years of happy playing.

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